Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dermalogica Daylight Defense System

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!

Alhamdulillah I am back on track hehe.. :) Last Tuesday I got an invite from Dermalogica to the launching of their new and improve sunscreen, Daylight Defense System

Baju and camera matching ;p

Hates the sun? Not a fan of outdoors activity? As the air condition changing rapidly everyday, so does the weather. The sun is getting hotter and your sunscreen must have all the protection that your skin needs. Synonym for skin health, Dermalogica goes even more further to find the perfect sunscreen for you.

One good information that I receive is that even though it seems cloudy out there, there is still sunlight. So you gotta buckle up and get ready with your sunscreen whenever you go out. And yeah, UV rays DOES make your skin aging. Yikes! Better be safe than sorry, don't be cheap on your sunscreen!

Free and fearless under the sunlight weee!

Dermalogica introduced the Daylight Defense System which have improved formulations:

1) UV Smart Booster Technology
- Each UV Smart Booster micro capsule contains an active complex of vit C and E
- Upon application, the UV Smart Booster remains INACTIVE on skin
- When UVA and UVB rays strike skin, the UV Smart Booster bursts and release the vitamins onto skin
- This will enhanced photo protection, free radical protection and maximum solar defense

2) Oleosome Technology
- Increased sunscreen effectiveness
- Controlled release of actives on to skin 

Everyone is required to do speed mapping skin analysis
to know which sunscreen is suitable for your skin



When I speak you listen la haha ;P

Ok got my sunscreen!

Gotta love the goodie bag. Tq Dermalogica!

Yerp. Because Dermalogica understand your skin, it comes in 4 ranges!

Solar Defence Booster SPF50 (all skin conditions)
Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 (sensitived, reactive and recently resurfaced skin)
Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 (sensitived, reactive and recently resurfaced skin)
Oil Free Matte SPF30 (oily and breakout-prone skin)

I have dry skin so Solar Defence Booster SPF50 is for me :)

For some reason I love looking at the ingredients hehe


The sizing. You can put in your handbag to reapply!

After applying toner, you can mix your moisturizer and sunscreen together

Like this

Protected. Now lets go out! :D

The Daylight Defense System is available at all AsterSpring skin treatment centres and authorized Dermalogical retailers nationwide. Product price are as below:

Oil Free Matte SPF30 (50ml) - RM230(WM) RM237(EM)
Solar Defense Booster SPF50 (50ml) - RM278(WM) RM286(EM)
Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 (50ml) - RM176(WM) RM181(EM)
Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 (50ml) - RM220(WM) RM227(EM)

Sun Protection Tips: Apply more than half teaspoon (1 teaspoon is enough) sunscreen on face and neck. Always remember to apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply every 3 hours 


La Cocca Di Papa' said...

boringnye balik2 iklan

Amely said...

I have been searching for a sunscreen I can use on my face which you don't get that yuck slick feeling which you get after applying most sunscreens. I have combination/oily skin and I feel 100% secure that using this product underneath my makeup won't slide my make-up off when the day progresses. Because of the matt finish I find myself even using less powder after foundation than I usually would to try manage my oil. Smells great and has great protection :)

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