Friday, January 20, 2012

Maybelline's Baby Lips

Imagine skin so supple like baby skin... And imagine lips so luscious, exactly like baby lips!

Im so thankful that I found this lip balm. Finally. Its what I've been searching for all these years. Ok shut it. Too dramatic haha!

Kalau korang berada di dalam situasi yang sama macam aku iaitu duduk dalam ofis bawah aircon dari 8 pagi-5 petang, then kita boleh jadi geng. Memang kulitku terseksa! Tangan kering kontang for sure. Yang paling hampeh dan obvious adalah bibir. Terkupas macam kupas bawang. Minum segelen air pun, bibir tetap kering. Disebabkan itu, aku beli lipbalm yang ‘dikatakan’ berkesan merawat bibir kering. Hampeh! Brand  memang trusted, bibir masih merekah. Mungkin bibir pun degil macam tuannya haha

Well prepared for this situation, Maybelline introduces its new beauty icon – Baby Lips. As cute as the name sounds, it does make your lips feel like baby lips, moisturizes and soft! Now you can kiss babies lips without chap lips haha! Already a cult hit in the ├╝ber-competitive Japanese market, Baby Lips is set to conquer to the rest of the world and become the latest accessory on everyone’s lips! Say NO to chap lips with BABY LIPS! 

Jadi apa rahsia Baby Lips yang lain dari jenama di luar sana? I guess its the unique combination of ingredients of Maybelline New York’s exclusive Botanical Cell Repair Concentrate. Here’s what they are:

Centella Asiatica

A small herbaceous plant that is used in traditional African and Chinese medicine for centuries. Proven to combat ageing thanks to its very high anti-oxidant properties, Centella is gives Baby Lips this one-of-a-kind efficiency to deliver plumpness, hydration, replenished elasticity while stimulating natural collagen production for a line-free look.

Shea Butter

SPF 20 

Vitamin Complex 

Baby Lips is a combination of nature’s best ingredients – Shea Butter to repair and leave lips soft, moisturised and comfortable; Vitamin Complex packed with powerful anti-oxidants to prevent oxidation of lip molecules and restore damaged cells; and SPF20 for the ultimate protection from dangerous UV rays.

Botanical Cell Repair Concentrate
Maybelline New York’s exclusive formula for adult strength care. Lips are properly cared for so they become baby soft in just four weeks!

Energizing Orange


Anti-Oxidant Berry

Smoothing Cherry 

I love the packaging. So cute!!

My orange lip balm. Me happy :)

So what are the proven results?

In just one application, Baby Lips instantly moisturizes for up to 8 hours

Within four weeks
82% visibly less dry lips, 94% less rough lips, 77% more supple lips, 77% better-looking lips. 

Within eight weeks 
Use daily and cells are completely renewed for reborn lips and lips natural moisture level is increased by four times.
 Dry lips are so over
I kept this lip balm in my office cubicles so that I can reapply them every 5 hours. I've used it for more than two month now and its totally my savior for dry lips. Don't forget to reapply when lips are exposed to strong sun, wind or cold for maximum protection.

Moisturize lips all day long bebeh!
 Baby Lips is just RM10.90
Get yours at all major retailers and pharmacies ladies!

Bye-bye dry lips. Hello Baby Lips. Maybe it is Maybelline New York  :')

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