Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garnier BB Cream

The BB Cream (Blemish Balm) is my new best friend. Yes my bff! Cuba teka siapa orang penting yang introduced BB Cream to me? My bff, mama! Haha. Mama lagi yang introduce beauty product. Yes she knows a lot about beauty product than me I guess -_- 

On early January 2011, I was looking for a foundation with my mama at Watson. Apart from having a moisturizer, I wanted to have another essential element for my face which is a foundation. Because you know lah, moisturizer only is not enough :P I was in the mist of blurry after surveying around the brands and about to give up, when mama suddenly shows up ands said her magical word,

"Buy this BB Cream. Its good". Ma, why are saying that its good eventho u've never use it? -__-

Kerana saya adalah seorang anak yang patuh pada arahan guru, maka saya ikut kata ibu haha. Actually I'm the kind of believer that my mom is always right when it comes to health and beauty issues. Shes like my advisor. So yeah that explains. 

Little that I know that BB Cream is one of Asia's hottest beauty products! I've heard about the name BB Cream before, its just that I'm not aware of the buzzing thats been going around. BB Cream was originated from Korea and then spread to Asian country until it landed safely in Europe and USA. You wonder why the Korean actress facial skin looks so damn flawless? Its because they had a secret weapon! BB Cream that is.

Dermatologists initially use BB Cream to help laser surgery patients regenerate, protect and soothe their highly sensitive skin. Celebrities who undergoes surgery discovered the cream and start using it. Korean cosmetic got the buzz of it and adapt the technology and formula to invent a BB Cream for public users. The public version of BB cream are targeted to those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. BB Cream works like a tinted foundation. The obvious difference between a foundation and BB Cream is the natural no-makeup-look.

Balik testing BB Cream terus "Woah.. clean and clear muka ku heu heu heu". I know mom was right when suddenly every brand wanna come up with a BB Cream. Including Garnier! Garnier recently launched their BB Cream in Malaysia called Garnier BB Cream. Available in stores starting 1st August 2011.

Garnier's BB Cream

Garnier designed a new generation of BB Cream to facilitate woman's beauty routine by introducing the 1st skin care BB Cream. Garnier BB Cream provides 10 instant visible benefits as shown below.

Major components
Oil and fragrance free- Easily spread and do not clogged pores. Long lasting radiance effect

Moisturizing agents- It cares for the skin and imparts hydration upon application

SPF 26 PA+++ sun protection- Sheer mineral pigments instantly unify and perfect skin for a nude natural look (without caking). It creates radiant brightness and can adapt to any skin tone

Tadaa! Lets try this out

Squeeze out a generous amount of BB Cream on your fingertip

Putting some on my hands. Easily spread

I love how this cream makes your skin supple throughout the day. In short I'll say that Garnier BB Cream is a moisturizer cum BB Cream!

Whats your BB Cream brand? Share! ^_^


wiwie sazali said...

berapa harga dia? mcm interested jugak nk cuba ni..

Rozana Razali said...

i just bought ETUDE HOUSE's BB cream, ada promo cuma RM20 shj.. =)

saiazuan said...

a complete transformation~ :D

herna said...

Etude bb cream tu pnye promo smpi bile??da lame nk try etude...huhu

Nurfatin Liyana said...

cmne? smlm usha lame jugak nak bli bnde alah nieeee.... hehehee. tp still ade foundation, mcm syg, adess

saharinasaharudin said...

nak try la bb garnier :)

ZhengNorahs said...

Hi Yuri! I also a Big Fan of BB cream! Great review!

Anonymous said...

baru je bli produk nie..instantly kulit muka jd halus je n mmg best la..harge why skit ek..hmm...kecik je produk nie..nak pkai ari2 pun cam syg..

Anonymous said...

i'm using one also...make my face looks pale=( or i am naturally pale? miszGladiator

Anonymous said...

Tapi cam tak berbaloi je.
20ml dh nearly RM20..

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