Sunday, May 22, 2011

Full Body Slimming and Toning Treatment at Tini's Spa

Remember the entry where I made a quick giveaway of my MyDeal voucher?

Yeah the '85% off Full Body Slimming and Toning Treatment (40 minutes) @ TiniBeauty Salon and Spa for RM29.99 instead of RM188' voucher. I bought two voucher, gave one voucher to one lucky reader and I redeemed another voucher for myself. So here we go! :)

Tini's Spa, Shah Alam

They used Dermalogica products for facial treatment

Yeah this is the toning treatment that made my peha kecik sikit! LOL. I was so anxious to try out the treatment as it was my first ever experience undergoing slimming treatment using a machine. Durh, ayat macam la pernah try London Weight Management or Marie France Bodyline. Oh wait, this is my first time undergoing a slimming treatment!! >_< Scary!

The room is cosy with and screams traditional

I was greeted by Farah, the girl who'd help me go through all the process. I kept on asking her, "Is this machine safe? Tak ada radiasi merbahaya kan?". Do you hear yourself talking Afra?! Bimbo haha!

The machine! Yikes!

So many wires. Told you they want to kill me with all the wires -_-

Oh actually, you can choose where the targeted area on your body that you want to toned down. Tummy, thigh or arm. I choose thigh since I'm scared that the machine will harm my tummy and whatnot. Kuno kan? Otak tak berkembang memang macam ni. The girl had explained to me that the machine uses electrical waves to run the machine and it will not do any harm whatsoever. Tapi I still tak caya nak buat camana kan? Haha. Sengal -__-

The wires that she stick to my targeted area vibrates according to levels and phases. Baru level rendah aku dah geli geliman. Bergegar otot peha. This reminded me of Osim uZap. The treatment does no wonders to my peha btw, because I refused to go the next level (meaning MORE vibration) because it tickles the hell outta my bones weh! Tak tahan.

The screen shows my progress, levels and phases

Stalking on the products

Received 2 cash voucher. Thank you Tini's Spa! 
Gonna give it to my mama and sisters :)

Oh ya before I forget, the winner for quick giveaway goes to....

Nurul Aiza!! Congrats dear! 
Her reason is so damn cute that I HAVE to give her the voucher haha.

To the rest of the contestant, wait for my surprise gift ya. Thank you for entering the quick giveaway. There will be more coming soon jieh!

I scanned Tini's Spa brochure so that ya'll can have a look at their list of treatment. Sesiapa yang duduk Shah Alam dan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya, boleh la singgah untuk manjakan diri aite? Head to to Tini's Spa Facebook for more reviews.

P/S: Oh man.. I really need a body massage!


Nava.K said...

Tummy is the most difficult even with exercise, sometimes just cannot go down. Will be worth getting the treatment for this part.

jaja scherzinger said...

lost 2cm dkt pinggang! hahahah tq afra!

Afra Yuri said...

Nava.K: i know right?! IT IS SO HARD TO FLATTEN THE TUMMY AREA -_-

Jaja: OMG seriously?!? congrats! no biggie dear :D

Thera said...

Not full body meh..?? How come only thigh part..??

Please feel free visit my blog ;) Thanks

Afra Yuri said...

thera: not full body, only on certain areas

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