Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blouse and kaftan | Online shopping

Salam sejahtera kepada readers yang tercinta. Ok skema. 

Hi uolsssss! Haha.. Ini baru original -_-

Siapa suka beli baju online angkat tangan!

Me! me!

You! you! 

Her! her!

Yes mostly mestila perempuan sebab perempuan dan shopping tidak boleh dipisahkan. Lagi bertambah over kalau beli baju online. Memang sah everyweek nak beli baju nak beli baju LOL. Kalau tak beli pun, stalk and gather info on latest fashion. Did you realize that nowadays the Malaysian hijab girls are more fashionable and daring in fashion sense than the non hijab girls?! I malu okey.. haha.. O_O

I have a quite numbers of tops/blouse/cardigan that I bought online for the past few years tapi belum pernah tayang dekat blog. This time, its an exception.

Gonna show you my new blouse from the blogshop ButiKafe! :D

Three layer chiffon black top

I have to say that the blouse is so comfortable! Sangat sedap dipakai sebab sejuk and flowy. Dont worry its free size haha. I love the design because it resembles a short jubah. Plus the layered hemline with beadings. Perfect for formal occasion and if you can paired it with your jeans, wallah! you turned casual. This three layer top comes in 6 colors and I LOVE the light brown colour!! Gonna grab that one soon tak kira.

They also sells kaftan and jubah! LOVE LOVE LOVE these piece.. Pakai masa raya cantik hoh. Berangan!

Glam Stone Long Dress 
Material: Chiffon
Price: RM105

Beads Lover Long Caftan Dress 
Material: Chiffon
Price: RM105 

They also have a short kaftan. How cute is this?

Blink Blink Short Caftan Dress (Pink) 
Material: Chiffon
Price: RM69

ButiKafe offers a money back guarantee and return policies. Kalau dah beli tapi tak puas hati dengan baju memasing, boleh pulangkan balik dalam masa 3 hari.

One more thing, be a follower of butiKafe and you can get 30% off on their apparels! (T&C applied). I baru follow ngee (for next purchase eherm).

So girls, head on to http://butikafe.blogspot.com/ and do what you are best at, shopping! :D


mommy nana said...

cantik!!! and afforfdable of course! :D thanks dear.... btau hehehe

Afra Yuri said...

mommynana: affordable tu sangat sangat true ok? hehe you are welcome hot mama! :D

h A n Y S said...

cantik2 n affordable~
sy juga ada blogshop, singgah2 la.. ;)


Nizreena Yasmin said...

Hi there, come to my blogspot sometimes to take a peek of my collection for Raya maybe..

For kaftan and maxi dress lovers!!

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