Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RM5 for one ChurpChurp

Earnings on 7th April 2011

Got one assignment on 7th April 2011

Checked my account on 10th April 2011

Wow! Tapi pelik bin ajaib. Takkan satu tweet dia bayar RM15. I noticed they'd published 2 assignments on 8th April 2011. So I look at the scheduled tweets history. Theres 3 assignments on April 2011. I was paid RM5 for each tweet. Nice! :D

Kalau la every week dapat 5 assingment, everymonth boleh cashout kan?! hehee.. Hai ChurpChurp, please give me MOOORE assignments please. My Twitter followers had increase you see. Haha TERbelagak pulaks :P

Anyways Imma cashout my ChurpChurp for the second time end of this month. Saja nak cashout akhir bulan sebab nanti dia proses after the end of month. So after that boleh la joli moli :P

Kalau belum join ChurpChurp marilah join. Kalau dah join, chaiyok!

Thank you ChurpChurp! I love you :)

P/S: Please read the link at my sidebar regarding my experience with ChurpChurp. Chiau


Jard The Great said...

waaaaa...... bestnya!!! i'm still waitin for mine

ken said...

cool.. i havent cash out my churp churp yet :)

Afra Yuri said...

jard: penantian suatu penyiksaan! haha

ken: heyya! soon la tu :)

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