Thursday, March 3, 2011

Second payment from Says

I've received my second payment from Says for the cashout that i made on 12th January 2011. Thanks! :D

Checking my account on 21st February 2011. Ok beres.

Received the confirmation email 4 days later. Lol kita dah tahu awal-awal.

And guess what? I'm reaching to my 3rd cashout! Haha.. I love doing the promotion. Boleh jadi promoter camni. LOL.

My earnings as of 3rd March 2011

I know la the earning so ciput right? Hehe.. Yes I also know that we can actually make tons of money online from affiliates and selling products. Yes, its not that easy and I'm still learning. I have to say that I love making money online. I'm taking a step by step journey. Semangat berkobar-kobar babe when you see your money piling up each and every day. Lagi-lagi bila buat kerja ini semua secara part time heheeee :P

If nak join Says, heres the link:


Nashrul Sabri said...

ciput ke gitu? cam masyukkkk jer.. camne nk register? dia byr based on click ke? huhuhu...

ce cite ce cite ce cite...

Miza Yusof said...

Congrats :)
Pendapatan sampingan hasil blogging kan.

Afra Yuri said...

nashrul: haha cecite cecite! register macam biasa here Yup dia bayar based on unique clicks

Miza: this is not from blogging dear. Ini advertising from Facebook and Twitter :)

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