Thursday, April 30, 2009


The clock is ticking. tick tick tick. Im preparing for my thesis. tick tick. I met my supervisor yesterday dan i kene basoh kaw2 ngan die. But serves me right. Because ive not been serious bout really understanding my project and also MATLAB. Fine. Tgk la nanti! Tinggal lagi 2 minggu je dateline to submit thesis and present for my final year project. CUAKS! Tomorrow is Labour Day and my boyfie is coming! Ok Afra orang lain pun dating juga. Tapi saya dating 2 kali sebulan jer hukhuk.

Btw i took Engineering in Society and Engineering in Economics this semester. Pn Lariyah gives lectures for this week and i notice everytime when she say something, mesti ade word whatnot, whatnot, whatnot, whatnot. Engineering in society somewhat gives me the courage and determination to be a good engineer later and also to assured people to be a professional engineer. But u know about my case rite? Actually this courses is for a 3rd year student but i think it should be taken by student on their last semester because it really gives clearer view, knowledge and direction for engineers wannabe. I love this part of the slide where she told us

What will happen to you?
- Many will be directly supervising other people the first year after graduation
- About 50% will end up in a managerial role 
- Many will move into other, very different disciplines
- You will become wider, more polished, more people skilled 
- And all of you, as educated and professional people, will materially contribute to the development of our society and the future progress of the nations. 

Many will move into other, very different disciplines. I might be the above but maybe in 2, 3 years time? Saya rasa macam nak kerja government. Pengaruh hubby sangat kuat haha.. Btw to all my friends yang dah graduate (Ya saya grad bulan 6 Insyallah), I have an important message. Cewah poyo.

"Any person who wants to take up employment as an engineer in Malaysia must be registered as a Graduate Engineer with BEM. BEM recognizes the experience gained by an engineer graduate only after he has registered as a Graduate Engineer."

P/S: TNB dan Petronas mementingkan registration in BEM. Sekian

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who wants Krispy Kreme?

Visit the 1st Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Store at Berjaya Times Square, Main Entrance, opening on 27th April 2009 at 10am for these opening specials:

- 1st customer gets a Golden Ticket (1-year supply)
- 2nd customer gets a Silver Ticket (6-month supply)
- 3rd customer gets Bronze Ticket (3-month supply)
- 4th till 100th customer gets a month supply
- 101th till 300th customer gets a mug

I've read about these offers about 3 weeks ago. Since that, i have been dreaming to be their first customer..Wanna know what happen?

Thank god i didnt have class that day. So that morning i follow my parents to work. Around 8.30 am, mum sent me to LRt station. At KL Central i took monorail to Imbi and reached BTS @ 9.05 am. Ive plan to reached there around 9am. So kind-of berjaya. At first, i was soooo sure i was the 1st costumer. On my way to ground floor, i saw these bunch of gurls running excitedly.i was like,why?Then instantly it snipped out of my head! Demn..mesti da ramai org..But in my mind "ok xpelah, i might be the 99th cust"

Once i reached outside, i saw the q.damn!!pastu siap kira bape org.sampai kiraan 10 aku da give up.then my eyes were rolling to those people on the q.bapak panjang Q!!i almost give up and decided to go back home (nk siapkan thesis.eceh alasan). Then i stood aside for a while, thinking. "Sempat lg Afra. mug pon mug lah". After 2 minutes, i decided to get in the line. Since ive been there why not rite? I filled up my details and they gave a sticker, stated 203. I was the 203th customer thank you! good work Afra.

The queuing was so tiring! I start ordering at 12pm,means ive been queuing for almost 2hours 45 minutes!Oh damn...I went there alone (most of me frens cant come), luckily i made a new friend that day. I started a conversation with the girl behind me. I was whinning about the long q and we click instantly. Maybe cuz both of us only bring ourself there. Aku terase pathetic but at the same time feels awesome cuz saye menjadi penyabar dgn tibe2!haha..While on the line, the waiter serve us with the World Famous Original Glazed Doughnuts and ice water. The doughnut was sooo soft and sweet! Love at first bite. After the 3rd bite, came the negative comment. Knape manis gile ek?I taught it was just me thinking that way.

After chatting and making jokes with me new friend Azie, we heard a conversation between these young chinese boy in front of us whos also on the q, chatting with his frend who came suddenly from inside (busybody lagipun their voice is loud.hehe), I overheard their conversation. I found out that the person who won the 1 year supply was his friend! It was a girl. And the shocking part was, the girl and her friend had stayed at the entrance of Krispy Kreme since SATURDAY! Omg! I couldnt believe my ears when i heard that. Sungguh semangat smpai sanggup merempat! Saje nk challange i yg dtg kol 9.05am ni kan? Haishhh.. Its worth it i guess.1 year is much of a doughnuts to handle! Here a lil sneak peak of what i took yesterday..

The 1st (Chinese girl in grey hat), 2nd (chinese boy smiling widely) and
 3rd (an Indian guy.maybe chindian) customer who won the donut supply. Woah!

Artist doing performance for the opening, Noryn Aziz. Shes cute!


The donut maker.

Perasan betul. Aku nak ambil gambar wayar terkeluar tu la haha

Monitoring the donuts. Serius je bang? Haha

Danger! Hot!

I baught a dozen pre-assorted varieties for only RM23.90 nett. Prices quite ok la. Same as Big Apples and Jco i think..

Chocolate Ice Glazed. 
MANIS! No choc taste at all. Taste so sugary. It totally turns off choc lover!

Hershey's Dark Chocolate. The taste was OK

World Famous Original Glazed. 

Of all the doughnuts in KK, I only love this eventhough its so sweet. 
Thats why it's world famous rite?

Chocolate Ice with Sprinkles. I gave mommy this

Hersey's Cookies & Cream. Mom wants this

Glazed Cruller. Not an eye catcher. Gave this to mom also hehe

Powdered Strawberry Filled.  
Taste and texture is same as Dunkin Donuts versions

My new mug thank you! Hahah

Btw I received bad reviews from my mom and big sister. I agreed because its donuts are totally sweeeeeet. By all means, one bite is nearly equals to one jar of sugar or honey kot? Okey exaggerate. Of course i have tasted Big Apples and JCo but honestly they are way better than Krispy Kreme. In terms of the variety of donuts and taste. Sorry to say Krispy Kreme, but you at lost on this part. (bukan balas dendam sebab tak dapat 1 month supply yer hehe). But people will certainly come back for your World Famous Original Glazed.

P/S: I saw the price for their mug. Its RM25. Nasib kau mahal. Tak la aku keciwa hehe 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Angelina Jolies lips

Okey this might sound poyo but I dun care haha.. Ive decided to entered the Peraduan Bibir Menawan LIPICE!

Mainly because im really dehydrated with nothing else to do besides sitting in front of my heating tv,no bff, ketawe sorg2 bile seseorg bwat lawak di ym.So much fun!fcuk la kan.okey I feel bored.mmg obvious so pissed of with my final year project status which I have no idea when it will eventually ended.pissed off ok!pisssssssssss..ok dah2.

The main thing is, I need your finger lickin good to lick eh click on my picture (agak poyo posing begitu) so if you click means you vote la kan hihi. Warning! I did this just for best jugak kalau menang. Boleh aku menggila sebentar. Alah macam sekarang tak menggila je kan Afra. Eh btw, this is my first time masuk contest sebegini! Masa muda tak nak try kan. Maybe masa tu hitam, berjerawat dan gemok kot? Macam la sekarang kau kurus, putih dan flawless. Haha! Ok Enough of my crap, this is the link. Only for ‘finger lickin good’ hands je ok? Saja promote KFC. Crap. All of you can vote. Sila cari gamba saya di Gallery. My picture will pop-out automatically for you guys to vote just like this:

To vote, you guys have to enter your name and email. Kalau tak jumpa jugak gambar aku, vote jela sapa-sapa yang korang nak (merajuk). Kamu-kamu semua (girls only), please enter this contest too. Bibir kamu mungkin dipilih.

Peraduan Bibir Menawan LIPICE runs from 1st April to 31st May 2009. The Grand Prize Winner will get:
- The chance to appear on the cover page of Remaja magazine with Lisa Surihani 
- RM3000 cash prize
- 12 free issues of Remaja magazine
- FREE LIPICE products worth RM500

FUHH so many things in one hand! How cool is that? To join the contest, you must first purchased any LIPICE fruity, LIPICE Sheer Color, LIPICE Colour Gloss or LIPICE Colour Lipbalm. Then, take a creative photo of you with the LIPICE product (pose seksi ok? Kiddin!) and submit the photo at Goodluck to all who entered! :D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cinta Gila

Friday evening, I accompany Fira for the FYP competition. Added up peeps like Dada, Shik, Bom and Sherina, we ended up gossiping about lecturers that came for the event. Its hilarious. Congrats to all chosen to participate. Im really proud of you guys!

The ever so bubbly Sook Wei

Her electric blue kebaya matches her blue slides. Girl u look tired ok!

I headed straight to Melaka that night. Btw tak jadi pun to support him for karaoke competition. He said its not appropriate for him to bring me along as other stuff doesnt bring their partners. Fair enough OKEY...

We had dinner but my head is disturbed with fnf fnf fnf (FAST AND FURIOUS). We had to watch that movie like, right now! Because everyone dah tengok plus he already promised to watch it with me.

While waiting for the movie to start, he pulled me inside the arcade game. I told him instantly that I ANTI arcade games since high school. Ive been inside it once mase high school, only to make a tawaf then go out quickly hehe. My schoolmates playing inside and Im watching from... Errr.. other places? Haha. But since Im in uniten, my friends had made me to 'stay' inside by making me play all these kind of games. The funny ones i remembered must be riding the motorbike. I cant stop laughing when I think about it. I was freaking sure i was ready to let the motor jalan, but unfortunately aku tak tekan minyak rupenyeeeeeeeee.. Bodoh siot. Yela tak pernah bawak motor kot? Whatever the excuses was, I had fun!

Back to the story, i was thinking of lawan2 kete dengan boyfie since hes a car freak. But then he said "jom main gendang cine tu". And i was like, ok! After waiting for the chinese boy to finish playing, there was us and these indian guys whos also on the q. They let us to play first. I was reluctant because if we agreed, the chances of them to see us played is 99.99%! They eagerly wants us to play first. Since we are running out of time i agreed.

AMARAN! This is our FIRST time playing arcade games together. Ulangan, together.

At first i shouted randomly and keep on babbling that my hand lenguh nk mampossss but i keep on smashing the damn gendang. I won 3 times beating him thank you :D Winning the game, it was my turn to play solo. Ok at first i was fabulous (poyo gila) playing alone. After the 3rd game came the so-called-hero! He offered me to smack the upper side of the gendang. Sibuk je. Then guess what? I must say both of us is an egoistic-greedy-head-tak tahu malu competitor! Me and my loud voice laughing and shouting at him to get out of my way as i was about to hit his hand. He also jerit-jerit and ask me to get out of the way. BATAK! Damn annoying, my game kot!!! We were sooooo determine to win the game that we both unconsciously made a really loud voice shouting and laughing at each other. Somehow i taught that part of the night was mad fun haha.. Hey you guys should try playing this game with your partner. Hint hint hahah.

Later we watch Fast and Furious 4. I love the dialog where Vin Diesel said "20% angel,80% devil".
Ingatkan nak enjoy the whole movie with him but he was asleep the whole time that I kept on waking him up. Kesian.. Tapi I still nak kacau dia tido haha.

He planned to go jogging with me on sunday morning. Dulu kitaorang pernah jog kat tasik Uniten. Sekali. Last 2 years. He likes to jog for exercising which for me is OK. But just this morning masa nak pergi jogging saya sangat malas! Even untuk berjalan pun. Maybe because I kept thinking about that delicious CENDOL DURIAN CENDOL DURIAN haha. Plus kena bangun pukul 7.30 pagi is hell okey.. Sebab I slept at 2am the night before. I woke up that morning pun for hes sake. Sebab sayang aku paksa badan yg pemalas ini. Things we do for love. Things we do...

No need to say anything bout the jog part. Everything that we do with our partner is fun and heart warming right? Eventhough its not my cup of tea (I prefer cycling darling haha), Im happy when hes happy. Full stop.