Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 Fesyen Kacamata Lelaki Paling Popular


Apakah fungsi sebenar kacamata? Kacamata atau sunglasses merupakan jenis aksesori yang agak penting bagi setiap lelaki mahupun wanita. Selain dipakai sebagai aksesori untuk menyerlahkan lagi penampilan si pemakai, kacamata juga berfungsi sebagai pelindung kepada kedua mata si pemakai daripada cahaya terik matahari.
Namun, pada masa kini penggunaan kacamata lebih meluas dan tidak hanya dipakai ketika cuaca terik sahaja. Dan jangan pelik jika anda terjumpa ada juga individu yang memakai kacamata di dalam pusat-pusat membeli-belah untuk kelihatan bergaya. Selain itu, kacamata juga dianggap sebagai penyelamat anda di hari malas atau ‘during your lazy days’
1. Aviator
Ini merupakan rekaan kacamata yang paling digemari dan popular dikalangan para lelaki moden. Diinspirasi daripada gaya kacamata Ray Ban yang terkenal, rekaan kacamata menjadikan sesiapa sahaja yang memakainya tampak lebih bergaya daripada biasa.

2. Wayfarer
Rekaan kedua yang paling digemari pula adalah rekaan kacamata jenis wayfarer yang mempunyai potongan lebih bersegi. Diinspirasi daripada rekaan kacamata Rayban juga, rekaan kacamata ini semestinya turut menjadi pilihan ramai lelaki khususnya golongan muda yang gemar berpakaian kasual.

3. Sports
Dan rekaan ketiga yang paling popular dikalangan lelaki adalah jenis kacamata sports atau sports sunglasses yang sering menjadi pilihan mereka yang aktif dan gemar melakukan aktiviti lasak. So, apakah kacamata lelaki pilihan anda?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kainda Velvety Body Lotion

Assalamualaikum guys!

I hope you guys are doing well & healthy InsyaAllah. As much as I dont have much time to pamper myself (due to hectic schedule as a full time mom) I notice that I simply love body lotions that uses natural ingredients from our mother earth sources such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe butter, mango butter and the list goes on. The reason is simple. The end result is amazing! Kainda is one of the brand that made a conscience choice to use natural organic ingredients that don’t deplete or harm our earth's natural resources wherever possible. Now thats great isnt it?

Kainda, meaning “The Hunter’s Daughter” is a fierce warrior and noble leader who lead’s others towards a better world. Her natural instinct is to defend the purity of the living and the land. She harnesses the power of the natural environment to maintain equilibrium in her home and her environment. Strong of mind and intuitive by nature, she inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

Kainda’s collection of home, beauty and fabric care are essential to maintaining a luxurious healthy lifestyle. Her selection of ingredients were chosen for their effectiveness and sustainability, to enhance your health as well as for your well-being and the planet. Their product ranges from luxury Body lotion, Hand creams, body washes, sparkling dishes and bacteria-free surfaces. 

One of their product which is the velvety body lotion caught my attention. It is an all-over-the-body skin conditioner with a wealth of vitamins, oil extracts and minerals to hydrate, soothe and restore dry skin.

Kainda's Velvety Body Lotion
(The woman figure is Kainda btw)

Formulated with Mango Butter, Macadamia Oil, Aloe Vera 
and Avocado Oil. Major love!

Eco-Friendly to our bodies, home & environment

The lotion textures is not oily and absorbs really well when applied. My skin instantly feels smooth & supple. And not to forget, it smells nice hehe. I have the Hashiki scent, a citrusy bouquet comprising Bergamot, Orange and Fresh Herbs that radiates from a floral heart of Rose, Orange Blossom and Lily of the Valley. Held by a musky yet sweet base of Cedarwood and Vanilla.

• AVOCADO OIL  to hydrate & rejuvenate skin cells

• CHAMOMILE & LEMON BALM to smooth & reduce skin irritation

• LAVENDER TO SOOTHE for soothing your skin, mind & body

Theres good news guys! Kainda is sooooo generous to give us 50% off Kainda' Velvety Body Lotion (worth RM71). So its RM35.50 after discount. I would say its a crazy savings! ;)
Heres are the steps:


1.      Add product to cart

2.      Enter Shipping Address   -  click    ‘Add/Edit Billing Address Information’

3.      Enter your delivery information

4.      Choose one ‘Register And Checkout’  or  ‘Checkout as Guest’

5.      Enter promo code

6.      Select Delivery method

7.      Select Payment method  (MOLPAY or PayPal)


Discount: 50% off





You can also purchase it for Mothers Days gift hehe! Happy shopping guys!